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    Innovation in Law and Business Services

  • Briefing

    Nabas Legal is a multi-service boutique law firm serving businesses and individuals with legal and professional services in domestic and international matters.

    Specialist advice from the Nabas Legal team bring resolve to sensitive matters requiring both privacy and expedience with the ability to tackle complex management and personal issues. As a firm we work collectively with you to best serve your interest with competence and affordability.

  • Approach

    Divided into two scopes of services, our product practices are managed to give the most the benefit to the client.

    Business Affairs are boutique tailored services for entrepreneurs and the small to medium size business market requiring legal and business services in the United Kingdom, continental Europe and Latin America. Businesses require innovative leaders in facing domestic and international challenges. With a host of dual-qualified specialist professionals at hand Nabas Legal is dedicated to being your choice to manage your business' legal issues.

    Private Affairs are for personal issues that require dedicate and caring representation in a confidential environment. The care we provide is well known for its attentive manner supported by a resourceful success rate. Our approach on sensitive matters are respected not only by our clients but by external parties such as government agencies, local authorities and charitable organisations.

  • Business Affairs

    Nabas Legal's objective is to you reach the business forum early to be in position to assist your business from its infancy. Through a range of communication portals including business seminars, newsletters, and discussions we give business parties an opportunity to see the importance of legal support. We want to be there through each operational, financial and business milestone providing legal and structural maintenance to your business.

  • Private Client Affairs

    Management of your personal legal affairs are a challenge and require attention and professional support. Your personal objectives are just as important as your professional ones. Whether you are dealing with an employment issue, the distribution of your estate, or the difficult process of negotiating your divorce, Nabas Legal aims to serve your concern with expertise, sincerity, and commitment.

    A team of multi-talented lawyers can review your case to bring your case to an acceptable conclusion.

  • Latin America

    Global opportunities have been placing businesses interests in the visable growth in Latin America. With a mature economy and sophisticated financial system counties such as Brazil, Colombia and Peru are actively growing and managing to control the effects of the current global economic climate. Global events such as the World Cup and the Olympics have drawn plenty of attention to the region but it is a unique region that requires expertise, knowledgeable support, and communication skills.

    Vitoria Nabas (dual qualified Brazilian Lawyer & European Lawyer) leads our business initiative to provide services to entrepreneurs and companies seeking a move into the Latin American market. Businesses interested in Brazil (pop 196mm+), Colombia (pop 46mm+) and Peru (pop 29mm+) found our support and expertise added value to their projects and reduce the potential for financial and legal hardship. With our group of dual-qualifed lawyers from Brazil and Colombia we provide an exeptional view of business in the region.

    As result Nabas Legal offers the same services to businesses in Latin America expanding into the UK and continental Europe. Nabas Legal is an obvious choice due to our recognition, understanding, and our team of dual qualified and bilingual professionals.


O ‘residence card’ é um visto de 5 anos concedido para quem é dependente de um cidadão  da comunidade Européia. É um documento que confirma o direito de residência do não-europeu ao abrigo do direito europeu.

Um visto Schengen ou visto uniforme é uma autorização de um Estado Membro do Acordo de Schengen - constante num passaporte, título de viagem ou qualquer outro documento reconhecido como válido para a passagem da fronteira que habilita o seu titular a apresentar-se no posto de fronteira desse mesmo Estado, com a finalidade de escala aeroportuária, trânsito ou intenção de estadia de curta duração no território de um ou mais Estados Membros, contudo a respectiva entrada será decidida pe

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